Walk in the Spirit

“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit” Galatians 5:25

The water spider is the only species of spider known to spend its entire life underwater. Once a water spider has captured tiny bubbles of air in the hairs on its body at the water’s surface, it transports them to its silk web, which is anchored to underwater plants or other objects, and ejects them into the interior, thereby inflating the underwater house with air. Most of the life cycle of the water spider, including courtship and breeding, prey capture and feeding, and the development of eggs and embryos, occurs below the water’s surface. Many of these activities take place within the spider’s diving bell.

A water spider may be under the water, but he spends his entire life in a bubble of air. All his life’s activities take place in that bubble. We, as Christians may be in the world, but we live in the Spirit (If we live in the Spirit). We also walk in the Spirit (let us also walk in the Spirit). The Spirit in which we walk is where all life’s activities take place.

If we pattern ourselves after the water spider, we can also “breathe underwater” or live in, but not be of, the world because we stay under the protected bubble of the Holy Spirit.

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