Outreach Programs

Fish Fry Benefits

Catfish Charlie and Power Ministries host several benefits each year with 100% of proceeds going toward the recipient. Catfish catches 20,000 lbs of fish each year, cleans and fillets them, then cooks them at benefits for an individual facing a difficult hardship. This may be for a couple whose child is facing a long and expensive medical battle, a family unable to bury their loved one, or an accident victim who’s lost their income. By supporting Power Ministries, you are helping to provide the financial support it takes to keep up the fishing and purchase the fish fry ingredients.


Outreach Worship Services

Throughout the month we travel to various churches and ministries in Mississippi and Alabama to share the gospel. Pastor Dale leads a weekly Bible study for Pastors on Tuesday mornings and we minister regularly in rehab mission facilities like City of Refuge and Mercy House. On the first Thursday of every month, we cook a big meal and serve the men of the PASCO Home, a transitional home for men in Mobile, Alabama. After dinner, we have a Bible study, followed by a time of fellowship. We believe that by offering hope to those men and women who are standing at a crossroads in their life, we are making a true difference in the Kingdom.


Free Christian Counseling

Pastor Dale and his wife Jeanni (“Gigi”) offer free Christian counseling to church and community members, specializing in depression, addiction, marital counseling, and spiritual warfare. Appointments can be made by calling 228-588-9929.



Ladies Ministry

Throughout the month we have 2-3 events for the ladies of Power Ministries Chapel and the surrounding community. It is an opportunity for us to fellowship, as well as to reach women of the community who may not have a home church. We minister to other women who may be struggling or need encouragement and we mentor women recently out of rehab or transitional homes. These activities are usually held in the Parsonage and Communications Center and may be found on our Calendar of Events page. They are always free and open to the public.


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Senior Ministry

Our Senior Ministry arose when many of the seniors in our community expressed a need for activities during the week since many were widows and widowers without nearby family. Power Ministries Chapel is committed to providing a loving and nurturing environment for the seniors in our community through luncheons, Bible studies, and Domino Days. We also help seniors who are in need of personal assistance, whether it’s a new roof, transportation to a doctor’s appointment, or help with medical expenses. We visit our homebound members as well as friends and family members in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.



The Catfish Charlie Show

The Catfish Charlie Show is  broadcast live from the Parsonage and Communications Center and weekly on WRBE radio out of Lucedale, MS. Catfish Charlie’s hunting and fishing ministry radio show is a call-in show interspersed with fishing tales, hunting mishaps, and ministry-related talk.



Power Ministries Chapel Live

In addition to the Catfish Charlie Show, Power Ministries Chapel has live podcasts and live Facebook chats. With a designated studio room, our hope is to reach people throughout the nation to share the gospel. Having been offered slots in both a local and national syndication, we look forward to sharing Jesus and lifting the brethren up. Check out the calendar for days and times.


Homeless Ministry

A big part of Power Ministries has been to serve the homeless, from day-to-day street ministering to serving as faith-based liaison for the Open Doors Homeless Coalition serving the lower six countries of Mississippi.  We were part of an operation to get veteran homelessness to absolute zero in the Mississippi Gulf Coast region, filming a documentary of homeless camps in our area that detailed that journey. We provide resources for assistance, help with admittance to drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, and provide hope to those in need.


 Food Bank

Hunger is a big problem in our area. We often get calls from community members about someone they know who is malnourished or in danger of starvation. We’ve assisted elderly couples surviving on very little food, out-of-work families trying to provide for their children, and families whose mounting medical costs have affected their grocery budgets. We provide canned food and non-perishables along with cooked casseroles.